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Owasso is an Osage Tribe word meaning "end of the trail" or "turn around," which around 1900, was the location where the Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad ended. In 1904, Owasso became a town under the laws of Indian Territory, and eventually became chartered as a city in 1972. Our official city logo, as well as Owasso's symbol of it's proud Native American Indian heritage, is the "End of the Trail" painting.
Owasso is in Tulsa County located in north eastern Oklahoma. This is Green Country, Oklahoma in America's Heartland. Owasso is just a few miles NE of Tulsa, which is on the Arkansas River. We're around 10 minutes from the Tulsa Airport, and about the same to the Port of Catoosa, which joins the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes. When I was a kid, we used to travel to Catoosa in my Daddy's 35 foot shrimping boat from the Gulf coast city of Lake Charles, Louisiana.
A very pleasant country hometown, Owasso has all the amenities of a city without losing it's country flair; and yet we're close enough to Tulsa for any "big city" necessities... and cruising around the "bright lights" of downtown. - Try it in a convertible!<grin> You'll love it!
(Here's More Owasso History; an Owasso Navigational Map and a Tulsa County map.)
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Some Owasso Photos (Around Town... and country:)

Owasso Snow Day! and out back
Owasso Police Department - City Hall
Owasso Fire Department
Fire Truck heading down hwy 169
Bank with Owasso Ram
Owasso Library
4th Street (by Rayola park)
86th St N (this was once my Uncle George's place)
Ram Veggie Stand
Owasso Drug Store (now Medicap)
Owasso Auto Dealer (1st one, I think)
Owasso's Golf Course
Bird Creek (I bet that's where the big one is)
Cooling off on a hot day
Old Barn
Country Road
Edge of the Woods
Someone's Fishing Hole
Fish Supply
Hay Day
The Gathering
More Fishing
Mr. Ed?
Pasture Sign
Owasso Ator Field
Ram Stadium & OHS
Pride of Owasso Photos
Route66 (in Tulsa)
Skiatook Lake
Owasso 10 Theatre (I didn't take this photo:)
Photos at Owasso Historical Society

Yes, I could certainly use some help. Please send this "challenged" camera shooter your Owasso photos. :)

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