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Ya know how you've read those horror stories
about servers crashing,
and all the data being lost?

Yeah, It's one of those memories that gets so forcefully imprinted it feels burned into the RAM of my head, yet one of the most difficult experiences to explain...

My bytes are probably scattered from here to that little cafe on the edge of the town. Sitting at a small wooden table outside the cafe, I looked out at the waves created from the heat over the desert. It was hot and sultry, causing me to shoot one tequila shot after another just as fast as I could lick, salt, lick, shoot, suck... Then all of a sudden, a big gust of wind began to blow and all the chairs and tables that were empty started to move like they were dancing on their own accord. Odd shaped napkins, bits and pieces of paper, sand, small rocks, any silverware left on the tables, and even glasses were flying around as though they had a magical spell upon them, hitting into everything at the front of the cafe creating a mystical tune. The wind roared violently around me and blew my hair, and my dress wildly, as if it were coaxing me, trying to communicate in a manner of urgency. I was lifted as though being carried. I could sense warmth, caring, and concern from my protector. I kept my eyes closed and allowed myself to be transported, with no thought as to how or where I was being taken... It didn't matter... All I knew was that it felt good, and I had no desire to resist. Then the wind stopped as suddenly as it had begun. I opened my eyes and found myself on a rock slab in some type of ruins. There were partial columns, and what appeared to be remains of a once elaborate structure. I was still very hot even though I could feel a slight breeze. I heard the mystical tune of the wind still playing from the cafe, and wondered if it were nearby, or just in my mind.
Walking around, I began to notice all the objects one might find at an archaeological exhibit. The sun was setting, and deciding I needed rest, I climbed upon a large boulder that looked to have once been a part of the structure. Over the top of a crumbled tower, was a dark shadow, like a cave entrance on a mountain. I worked my way over and around the huge rocks to the entrance. As I slowly walked into the cool darkness, the sun disappeared and the mystical tune faded. I reached out for the wall to guide me, moving slowly deeper into the darkness. The mountain began to rumble and shake causing chunks of rock to fall and crumble around me. I had to cover my ears from the loud sounds. It was like the mountain had come alive and was moaning in angered agony. I was beginning to feel it's pain nearly merging with it. Then nothingness...

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