time waits for no one
it's mission wise
drawing ever near
to it's own demise
forever continues
searching the end
burning with energy
none comprehend
each day drags by
through intense velocity
never pausing or slowing
to acknowledge generosity
or vehement violence
growing in the shadows
unnoticed like weeds
contaminating meadows
where wildlife, flowers
and wheat once grew
now covered in blood
from those we once knew
strong and determined
from nations like mine
mirror majestic mountains
devoured in time
strong as the winds
that forever blow
mystic as the stars
unending glow
immeasurable minutes
soar earth, our Mother
arriving promptly
joining us and our brother
time waits for nothing
it accelerates more
eagerly searching
it's opened door
if we could just mimic
time's journey, my friend
all life would be well
to it's peaceful end

Written by Snowhawk, May 21, 1998
Copyright 1998 by Snowhawk

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