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Attempt to Locate / Missing Alumni
Owasso High School; Owasso, Oklahoma

Patricia Lynn Taylor, 1982, 83 or 84 April Gentry, (sister) ajon2784@yahoo.com
Connie McFee-Harshberger(?), 1975 Karen Conner-Masini, soonermom1957@aol.com
Yvonne Graver-Ecker, 1975 Karen Conner-Masini, soonermom1957@aol.com
Annette McCarty-Asher, 1975 Karen Conner-Masini, soonermom1957@aol.com
Anthony Hilliard, 1982 Rachel Burma, rbswalley@yahoo.com
Kim Hilliard, 1983 Rachel Burma, rbswalley@yahoo.com
Lisa Hilliard, 1989? Rachel Burma, rbswalley@yahoo.com

If you have any information about a missing alumni, please let the contact person know. If you want to locate an alumni that isn't in the class listing, E-mail me the class year and name of who you are wanting to locate, with your contact info. - Mary/Snowhawk

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Attempt to Locate / Missing Alumni; Owasso High School - Owasso, Oklahoma

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