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Military Alumni of Owasso High School

This Website is dedicated to, and in honor of the Owasso High School alumni of Owasso, Oklahoma who have been, or who are now in the United States Military... Our Warriors!

Send me your name, photos, email address, snailmail address, or that of a friend so they can receive messages from us. If you only want to add a name, that is fine too; at least we know who to pray for, and who to thank for fighting the battle of our freedom. Yes, "pray"... I am not being offensive or asking anyone to change beliefs; so please do pray for Our Warriors, Our Country and it's leaders to have wisdom, health and safety.
The purpose for this page is to honor our Owasso alumni who serve in the Military, and to have a list of whom to pray for, and write, or email should correspondence be desired.

Following are the emails I have received. Please send a message and let them know they are being supported, appreciated and loved. ~snowhawk~


MSgt Nikki Aaron-Stovall, Class of 1990
United States Air Force

stovalls@cox.net; Oklahoma National Guard   9/09

Alex D. Ackley, Class of 1994
United States Air Force

I was astonished to find out that Owasso had it's own homepage. Must really be growing. Anyhow I would like to be added to the Alumni for 1994. To fill you in on where I've been for the past 6 years. Joined the Air Force, graduated Firefighter tech school, stationed at Vandenberg AFB, California for a year, transferred to Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, where I spent almost 4 years minus two 4 month tours to the desert (United Arab Emirates) Out of Peterson I received a lot of other technical training from becoming a Rescue certified EMT-basic to a Haz-Mat Technician level. I'm currently serving a one year remote tour at OSAN AB, Republic of Korea (Don't worry it's in South Korea) where I'll be leaving to go back to Peterson AFB on the 21st of August 2001. Wish me luck and keep up on the page. It looks great!
Your fellow Owassoian,
Alex D. Ackley   11/00

Mike Adsit, Class of 1973
United States Air Force

LHmadsit@aol.com [Broken Arrow, OK] Sargent, Titan II, Strategic Air Command   12/02

Debbie Alfaro, Class of 2003
United States Air Force

Debbie.alfaro@littlerock.af.mil   9/09

Kenneth E Baysinger, Jr, Class of 1986
Oklahoma Air National Guard, US Air Force

kenneth.baysinger@oktuls.ang.af.mil [Sapulpa, OK]
Joined the United States Air Force in 1986. Served In over 15 countries such as Okinawa Japan, Korea and the Philippines etc. Aircraft Mechanic/Crew Chief working F-15 and F-16 Fighter's. Later stationed in Arizona at Luke AFB. I'm a member of the Oklahoma Air National Guard. While assigned to the Air Guard served such places like Turkey, Kuwait and Qatar covering the Northern and Southern NO FLY ZONES. Have a total of 19 years Military. At the current rank of TSGT. Married to Amy K. Baysinger and have six kids Sara, Amanda, Tiffany, Matthew, Cole and Camron. I patented the ( WARM N GO ) baby bottle warmer.   1/06

Jennifer Becerra-Jones, Class of 2001
Oklahoma Air National Guard, US Air Force

jennajones1209@yahoo.com [Tulsa, OK]   3/10

Rob Blacknall, Class of 2006
United States Air Force

A1C, USAF. I was in the Owasso HS class of 2006. I am in Air Force Combat Search And Rescue (CSAR) as an aerial gunner. Currently stationed at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV.   7/09

Stephen Blackwell, Class of 2008
United States Air Force

Enterprise IT Service Desk Technician   2/09

William "Bill" Blackwell, Class of 1988
United States Army

I joined the Army in 1988. I have served in both wars, and have been deployed 7 times. Also served 2 tours of Korea without my family for a total of 2 years. I've been around the world & have served in Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Kuwait and Korea. My job in the Army is to fix and repair the PATRIOT missle defense system. Currently a Platoon Sergeant with 30 Soldiers in my Platoon. I met my wife when I was stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. I have a 13 yr old son, and a 5 yr old daughter. I have spent about a third of their lives away from home. I will be retiring from the Military in August, 2008. If anyone remembers me, please email me. I would like to say hi to all of my fellow classmates. God Bless you and GO RAMS!   5/07
Bill Blackwell
Larger view and Another photo

Jeff Blades, Class of 1997
United States Navy

Hugeracefann@aol.com [Jacksonville, FL] Jet Mechanic

Terrill Bowers-Gallup, Class of 2003
United States Navy

sailorsimba@tmail.com [Pensacola, FL]
PO2 in the Navy   9/07

Dennis Brown, Class of 1999
United States Army

dennisb28@yahoo.com / Hi My name is Dennis Brown and I graduated in 99 and I am in the United States Army. I thought you would like to know.
From: Dennis Brown   12/01

Valerie A Buller, Class of 2003
United States Army

annette.buller@tulsatech.org [Owasso, OK] / Currently serving in the US Army.   11/05

Dave Burdick, Class of 1980
United States Air Force

dburdick@dobsonteleco.com [Newalla, OK] / Chief, Communications Electronics Maintenance, Tinker Air Force Base, OK   3/10

Kevin Burman, Class of 1974
United States Air Force

f15muttley@knology.net [Lynn Haven, FL] / Tyndall Air Force Base, FL   12/02

Steven Carl (Center) Kindle, Class of 1974
United States Air Force

Ckindle56@aol.com [Fayetteville, NC] / Retired Air Force after 20 years of service.   8/02

David "Little Rock" Carpenter, Class of 1998
United States Air Force

davidgcarpenter@hotmail.com [Washington, DC] / After high school I went to Oklahoma State University and graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems. In 2001, I married my wife Brooke (Smith), a 1999 Grad. I received a commission to the United States Air Force in December 2002. Air Force Reserve Officer, IT Security Consultant: Sr. Associate with ICF International.   11/06

Mike Cathey, Class of 1974
United States Air Force

mm_cathey@hotmail.com   2/12

Stephen Chamberlain, Class of 1995
United States Army

Sgt Stephen Chamberlain, US Army OIF07 OIF09
Currently ACE Security   2/19

Larry L. Chavis, Class of 1985
United States Army

larry.chavis@arifjan.arcent.army.mil [Ft. Eustis, VA]
Currently deployed to Kuwait, Chief Warrant Officer, US Army. Married for 18 years with 4 teenage sons.   4/05

Jeremy Chea, Class of 1997
United States Air Force

quandoflu@gci.net; Alaska, Contracts Specialist   4/02

Lloyd Clark, Class of 1981
United States Navy

projouster@charter.net, website: >www.angelfire.com/wi2/xtremejousting
I am the proud husband of Lisa and father of Sarah. I would also like to be added to the Warrior page - (USN 1983-87; USNR 93-99) IS2 - counterterrorism analyst.
Thanks! Lloyd Clark   (12/03)

Steven J Cleveland, Class of 1984
United States Air Force

scleveland07@gmail.com [Langley AFB, VA]
Chief Master Sergeant   4/10
Over 21 years of service so far with several trips in and out of the sand box (middle east). Thanks. Great work on the Web Pages by the way.   8/07

Kelly Cork-Collins, Class of 1994
United States Navy

kcollins@vinson.navy.mil [Bremerton, WA]
US Navy, currently stationed on board the USS Carl Vinson

Tracy Cooper-Scott, Class of 1986
United States Navy Reserve

dtad@cox.net Enlisted in the Navy in 1987. Stationed at Naval Training Center San Diego and Naval Communications Unit, Cutler, Maine as a Personnelman. Served in Operations Desert Shield and Storm. Returned home to Owasso and joined the Reserve in Broken Arrow for 11 years as a Religious Programs Specialist (RP). Earned Fleet Marine Force qualifications in 1998 and worked in Fleet Hospital unit until Operation Enduring Freedom recalled me back to Active duty. Returned to Camp Pendleton and deployed with the Marines of CSSG 15 to Camp Viper, Iraq (Syrian Desert) through Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Assigned to Commander, Naval Reserve Forces Command, New Orleans Mobilization Unit from 2004 through September 2005 when Hurricane Katrina took out our base. Served in Camp Gruber with hurricane evacuees. Assigned as the Regional RP for Readiness Command South, Ft. Worth, TX until their disestablishment at the end of this month. Reassigned as the Regional RP for Commander Navy Reserve Southeast, Jacksonville, FL. I work with the Regional Chaplain and we maintain communications and implement training for all Religious Ministry teams in 12 states Navy wide. I have served proudly for 19 years (20 years as of June 2007) and am set to retire in February of 2011. It's certainly been an adventure! I have been married 14 years to my wonderful husband David, whom I met while stationed in Maine and have two beautiful children who both are attending Owasso schools. Amanda is almost 17 years old (from first marriage) and will be a Junior at Owasso High this year (I still can't believe it!) and my son, Dylan, is 12 and will be attending 7th Grade. David and I own an electrical contracting company called DMS Electric, Inc. and we are going on 9 years in business. We've completed the build of our dream house on 5 acres, travel extensively and absolutely love life! God is SO good and Owasso has been a blessing! May God bless each and every one of you who are serving our country abroad and stateside. Blessings, RP1(FMF) Tracy Scott (Photo)   (8/06)

Rebecca Cordray-Cox, Class of 1991
United States Navy

rebecca-cox@utulsa.edu [Owasso, OK] / BS, Nursing at Univ of Tulsa; United States Navy 2000-05. Served in Bethesda MD at the National Naval Medical Center for 2 years, trained at Camp Lejuene NC with the Marine Corps and at Quantico VA with the Marines and finished my tour at Broken Arrow Reserve Center with the Navy and Marine Reservists. At NNMC was part of the crew of the US Comfort, one of the two hospital ships for the Navy.   4/07

Shel Eugene Cox, Class of 1991
United States Navy

shelcox@hotmail.com [Broken Arrow, OK]
Enlisted in the Navy in 1991.
Was an Operations Specialist 1st Class, however, I have just received a commission in the Navy as an officer. Of course this is in the reserves. As of now, I am working at the Tulsa County Emergency Shelter, and, I teach at the University of Phoenix. I earned a degree in Family Studies and Gerontology in 2000, and, a MBA in 2002; both from Southern Nazarene University. In December, 2008, I will have completed a Master's in Military Studies: Joint Warfare with a Concentration in Homeland Security and a Certificate in Military Philosophy and Strategy, from the American Military University. I have also recently published a book called God's Navy. I am married with two children and currently reside in Broken Arrow. Thank you.   6/08

Keith Demler, Class of 1985
United States Air Force

kddemler@dayton.net [Dayton, OH]
I graduated OHS in 1985, joined the Air Force about 6 months later and have served proudly in the U.K., Korea, Hawaii (a real tough assignment) and several other states around the nation. I am currently deployed in Baghdad as an Intelligence Analyst helping to find the �bad guys�. Home for me is Dayton Ohio where I work as the Noncommissioned Officer-in-Charge of Contingency Support, National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC). I am a Master Sergeant and plan to retire in Feb �06. It�s good to know I serve with great folks like Larry Chavis and Rusty Hale (who�d of thunk he�d grow up to be a chaplain; just kidding Rusty). I have been married for 17 years to my awesome wife Dawn who I met while stationed in Texas. We have three incredible boys, Anthony (9), Chandler (7) and Christopher (6). I can be reached at kddemler@dayton.net anytime (Dawn will forward).
God Bless, Keith   (4/05)

Shane Dill, Class of 1996
United States Navy

Hello, my name is Shane Dill. I graduated from Owasso High School in 1996. I joined the Navy in April of 1997. I am currently stationed in VA. Beach, VA. I am an E-5 Aviation Hydraulics Mechcanic. My beautiful wife (Kimberly) and I were married in December of 1999. We have a handsom little boy (Tristyn Shane) that was born on Jan. 26, 2000. We visit Oklahoma at least twice a year, and we will be home in September so that I can do Harp Duty at the recruiting office in Tulsa. I have been to a few places since I have been in the Navy. I just returned in March form a 6 month deployment to Bahrain, in the Middle East. I am up for orders in April of 2002, and my wife and I are trying to see if I can get orders to Tinker Airforce Base in Oklahoma City, so we can be closer to family. Well I guess I will quit boring you now. If you would like to post this message feel free. If anyone would like to contact me my e-mail address is shanedill@hotmail.com, I would really like to talk to some of the people I have lost touch with.
Shane Dill   6/01

William D. Ellis, Class of 1995
United States Air Force

I have been in the Air force for 6 years. I am currently stationed in Alaska, I am married and have 3 boys. If anyone wishes to get ahold of me please email me. I changed my last my name back to my real dad's after I graduated high school.   7/03

Jody Michael Ellison, Class of 2005
United States Navy

jodyjo_05@hotmail.com [Chesapeake, VA]   1/10

Eric Erler, Class of 1984
Oklahoma Air National Guard, US Air Force

eric.erler@oktuls.ang.af.mil [Owasso, OK] / Married to Susan Stevens-Erler, we have two boys Brandon and Jordan. Member of the Oklahoma Air National Guard since 1987. I have been with the guard for 19 years. I have participated in Operation Provide Comfort II, Operation Northern Watch, Operation Southern Watch and Operation Iraqi/Enduring Freedom.   4/06

Kerry Erwin-Buttress, Class of 1980
Air National Guard, United States Air Force

kerry.buttress@oktuls.ang.af.mil [Owasso, OK]
Tulsa Air National Guard   1/04

Tony Evans, Class of 1991
United States Navy

evansc005@msn.com [Hawaii]
Stationed in Hawaii; married, 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy.   4/07

Ronnie Fry, Class of 1971
United States Army

fryro@tulsaschools.org [Collinsville, OK]
Retired Army / Teacher   3/11

Steve Fry, Class of 1974
United States Navy

sfry@clemson.edu [Walhalla, SC]
US Navy 1975-1997; Clemson University Research Foundation   4/06

Eddy Gibbs, Jr, Class of 1994
United States Army

inkblot@cox.net [Owasso, OK]
US Army, 1995-2000   4/03

Matthew Gruenau, Class of 1999
United States Army

matthew.gruenau@gmail.com [Doha, Qatar middle east]
Army 5 1/2 yrs - Intelligence Analyst, Sgt, got a degree in network engineering became a network analyst contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton in Maryland, then left that job and am now in Doha, Qatar middle east as an IT contractor for CENTCOM forward Headquarters managing a data center.   2/07

Mike Guetlein, Class of 1986
United States Air Force

guetlema@aol.com, United States Air Force, Major; Los Angeles, CA   2/03

Brady Hackathorn, Class of 2003
United States Army

robert.b.hackathorn@us.army.mil {Ft. Riley, KS}
Specialist with the 34th Armored Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division - known as the "Big Red One" and the Devil's Brigade. So far I have served a year in the Sunni Triangle in Iraq, and am currently stateside at my home base at Ft Riley, Kansas. I am currently at Ft Sill, OK for specialty and leadership training. My duties in Iraq were in a Personal Security Detachment for my commanding officer, and also my regular duties, infantry and motors.   4/06

Rusty Hale, Class of 1985
United States Navy

I'm a 1985 grad of OHS and currently serve on active duty as a U.S. Navy Chaplain. I served ten years in the U.S. Army, but realized that the Navy really needed the help! My wife Becky (Hammons) graduated from OHS in 1986 and we have been married fifteen years. We have two wonderful children, Taylor (son) age eleven and Samantha (daughter) age 7 mo's. We currently are stationed at the Naval Air Facility, Atsugi, Japan. All my Ram bretheren currently serving and in harm's way are in our prayers. We can be reached easiest by email batchap1@yahoo.com or rahale@atsugi.navy.mil. America's 9-1-1 airwing, CVW 5 (the only permanantly forward deployed and co-located Carrier Air Wing in the Navy)
Go Rams & God Bless!   1/04

John W (Bill) Hampton, Class of 1962
United States Army

mrhamp@aol.com [Houston, TX]
Lieutenant Colonel, (Retired). Served and lived in Korea, Germany, Turkey, Vietnam, and Japan. Presently, Engineering Operations Manager, Texas Children's Hospital.   2/06

Robert (Bob) Hanchett, Class of 1980
Oklahoma Air National Guard, United States Air Force

bkhanchett@worldnet.att.net [Owasso, OK]
Oklahoma Air National Guard

Elaine Harchar-Glass, Class of 1994
United States Navy

I was in the Navy for 4 yrs 5 months as a Chinese Linguist. I have 3 kids. I met my husband in Monterey, CA while taking Chinese. After nearly 2 and a half years of training we went to Hawaii for a little over 3 yrs. Then went to Washington DC for 3 and a half years. We're now back in Monterey while my husband takes intermediate Chinese. We're not sure what is happening next, but we're sure it will be an adventure!   2/06

Rodney Hargus, Class of 1986
United States Army

hargusr@aol.com [Japan]
Currently a SFC serving as an ISG in the 88th MP Detachment Japan. Joined the Army in '87 as an infantryman & got out in 89; then joined again as an MP in '95.   1/06

Fred Harmon, Class of 1982
United States Army Reserve

I am currently serving at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. Shortly after I arrived I was promoted to lieutenant colonel. Far further than I would have believed when I enlisted almost 25 years ago. Photo DSC0037   02/07
Camp Babylon Al Hillah, Iraq - Texas State Flag, photo taken September 2003

Jerry Harvey, Class of 1958
United States Marine Corps

jwharvey@earthlink.net [Twentynine Palms, CA]
retired Master Gunnery Sergeant, U. S. Marine Corps

John R Harvey, Class of 2005
United States Army

Currently serving in Iraq. Stationed in Baghdad and is deployed with the 245 Oklahoma National Guard Unit.   9/07

Vail Hayes, Class of 2003
United States Navy


Valinda Hayes-Martinez, Class of 1999
United States Navy

Now a Veteran. I just returned from Rota Spain, and have moved back to the wonderful (and now huge) city of Owasso. 2 wonderful children, Jordan (6) & Cloe (2).   10/08

Tony Hill, II, Class of 1997
United States Navy

notanthony@hotmail.com [Italy] / I am still living in Gaeta, Italy with my wife, Alicia, and our daughter, Delaney, who was born on Nov 18th. We should be back in Connecticut by next summer.   12/08

Gary Hoff, DO, Class of 1964
United States Air Force

gary.hoff@dmu.edu, [Des Moines, IA]
Currently Chair and Associate Professor of Medicine, Des Moines University; USAF pilot 1968-1973 (Vietnam-era Vet); Married, 4 children, 5 grandchildren.   6/05

Kerry Hood, Class of 2002
United States Navy

Navy Submarine Navigation Electronics Technician on the USS Olympia (SSN 717) based in Pearl Harbor, HI.   01/08

Joel Hughes, Class of 1985
United States Army

joel_hughes@msn.com, Retired from the US Army in 2007. Graduated in 1985 and joined the Army shortly after. I spent 22 years serving as a Infantryman in different types of units including Ranger, Airborne and Air Assault units. Stationed in numerous locations predominately at Fort Benning and Fort Bragg. Served foreign tours in Korea, Italy, Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently living outside Savannah Georgia and working for Norfolk Southern. I have been married for 12 years and have two children ages 10 and 5.   08/09

Trina Isaacs-Chinn, Class of 1997
United States Navy

Fizziesty@aol.com [Owasso, OK]
Hello, I joined the Navy in August 1997, stationed in Jacksonville FL. I was a YN3/E4. In Feb 2000 I had my first son, Dylan Chinn. I got out of the Navy in August 2001 and moved back to Owasso. In June 2003 I had my second son, Jordan Givens.   11/03

Tim Jackson, Class of 1989
United States Air Force

tw@4jacksons.com [Oklahoma City, OK]
US Air Force, Developmental Engineer;   4/07

Audie Jacob-Martin, Class of 2001
United States Navy

I want to let you know that I appreciate the page you are doing. My name is Audie Jacob Martin. After graduating this past May (2001) I was contacted by the United States Navy. I signed my enlistment papers on July 27, 2001. I am currently active duty in the Navy-CASH program which allows any person who qualifies (specific criteria) to go to college for up to one year. While I attend classes at Oklahoma University, I receive E1 pay. The last day of class is May 15 at OU and I ship to basic training in Great Lakes, Illinois on May 27. I will then be sent to Charleston, SC for my nuclear power schooling. I enlisted for six years with the extension of one year for the time at OU, putting my expected date out May 27, 2008, after which, I have a choice to continue my career in the Navy. Thank you for your support.   11/01

Matt Jaramillo, Class of 2006
United States Marine Corps

steveowasso@aol.com / was a varsity wrestler, now going to the Marines.   11/06

Scott Kammeyer, Class of 1991
United States Army

skammeyer1973@gmail.com / [Warner Robins, GA] / 40 years old, former US Army of 5 years as 92A10 and OIF Veteran of (2) 15-month rotations with 1st ID in Iraq and also served 4 years as a Satellite Systems Technician in Iraq supporting the military in several bases Iraq-wide and also aided in the shutdown of 8 major bases in Iraq. Currently employed for a Defense contractor working as a Hardware Technician on a classified project. I have no kids, no pets, but I do have a wonderful fiancée who is a British national and an Accountant. I am a lifetime VFW and American Legion member and thoroughly support Veterans. Email me; would love to hear from you all.   02/14

Phillip Krier, Class of 2003
United States Air Force

I'm airman first class. I just want to say that it makes me prou to think that there's a lot of people back home that do support the troops and our efforts and the support is behind us. The pictures of military members past and present hanging up in the owasso wal-mart is the only one I have seen of that kind which is pretty cool. Thanks for putting up this page we need all the support we can get.   10/07

Hershel Kuykendall, Class of 2000
United States Navy

Aviation Warfare Specialist, Brunswick, ME   10/03

Kyla Kuykendall-Groll, Class of 1998
United States Navy

My new email is kylagroll@yahoo.com and now back in Owasso, OK. I served 4 1/2 years in the Navy stationed in San Diego, CA.   10/03

Danny Lampkin, Class of 1986
United States Air Force

[Nashville, TN]
I was in the Air Force as a Crew Chief (B-52 and B-1) from May 1986 to May 1995. Because the B-1 was at the time only in 4 locations, my assignments were limited. I was stationed in North Dakota for 7 years and Wichita for 2, but was able to travel around the US quite a bit for support of Air Shows. I met my wife, Melinda while in North Dakota, she was in Macon, GA and we met through a mutual friend. We got out and moved to Nashville where we live now. I�ve been working as a Programmer since graduating Middle Tennessee State University in 1998. I currently work for NaviTech, HR Solutions, based out of Duluth, GA. We have no children, but are adopting from Russia and will hopefully have our child by the end of 2006.

James "Jim" Lane

Grew up in owasso... Vietnam 68/69, now live in Enid, OK.   1/04

Randall Lane, Class of 2002
United States Navy

amazinsailor@hotmail.com - I live on Yokota Air Base in Honshu Tokyo, Japan and am a Navy broadcaster/journalist. I have a website at www.randylane.org   11/03

Mark Lankford, Class of 1984
United States Army

mark.lankford@mci.com - Systems Analyst at MCI. I served in the US Army from 1984 to 1987. My time was spent in Giessen, Germany with the first Patriot unit in NATO and with the 101st Airborne at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.   12/03

Michael L Lawson, Class of 2002
United States Navy

Aviation Electronics Technician Petty Officer Third Class, Strike Fighter Squadron 195. Photo 1 | Photo 2   2/09

Dusty Lomax, Class of 1989
United States Navy

I think it is a great thing you have created with this website to recognize us service members. My 14 years since High School have went very fast. I have served on 3 different submarines, the USS Pintado (SSN 672) in Pearl Harbor Hawaii, the USS West Virginia (SSBN 736) in Kings Bay Georgia, and the USS Salt Lake City in San Diego California. I am now the Radio Officer on the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6), also in San Diego California. It is one of the Navy's newest Amphibious Assault ships, and we returned from the Gulf last week. I have attached a link to the ship's website in case anyone would like to visit it. www.navy.mil/local/lhd6
Go Rams!
Chief Warrant Officer Dustin Lomax
Chief Warrant Officer Dustin Lomax --- at ease   8/03

Andrew Looney, Class of 2005
United States Army

Infantry; Wounded in Iraq August 17, 2007; Now stationed in Fort Sam Houston, TX in San Antonio.   11/07

Steven Looney, Class of 2004
United States Navy

On the USS Tarawa, stationed in Kuwait   11/07

Joshua L. Luster, Class of 2004
United States Air Force

chumbizzle@hotmail.com, 27FW; Cannon AFB   11/05

Nathan Marshall, Class of 1997
United States Army

Married, proudly serving in the United States Army as a Sargent. Currently living in Maastricht, Netherlands doing communications for NATO.   8/03

Charles Matlock, Class of 1983
United States Army

cmatlock@sjmc.org / Berlin, GE 1984-1986. 287th Military Police Co (sep), Berlin Brigade   7/06

Roxanne Lynn McGill-Parham, Class of 1987
United States Navy

ouandosufanz@yahoo.com / United States Navy (10 years). Was stationed in Holylach, Scotland and in the US. Now a mom of 2 beautiful little girls!!   9/07

Sean Robert Meehl, Class of 1992
United States Army

elroberto.meehl@us.army.mil [New Smyrna Beach, FL]
graduated from University of San Diego in 1997, and taught high school and middle school for three years in Florida. I then enlisted in the Army and served two years as an Infantryman (11B). I was selected for Officer Candidate School, and spent nearly three more years and an Infantry Officer (11A). I am now working as a Military Intelligence Officer (35D) and am currently serving in central Iraq. Other info - One wife, two kids (girl 5, boy 3)   7/05

Jerry Miller, Class of 1959
United States Marine Corps

Hi, I am Jerry Miller. I attended Owasso Schools from the 1st grade (1947) through the 10th grade (1957). I "threw" the Tulsa Tribune Newspaper, worked in Shahan's Drug Store (before it became Soc's Drug Store), and worked at Lyle McChesney's TV Repair Shop. We all moved away from Owasso when Dad's work took him to Rohr Aircraft in Chula Vista CA. I graduated from Chula Vista High School in 1959. From July 1959 to July 1979, I was in the U.S. Marine Corps.........20 years of Aircraft Electronics work. My wife, Doris, and I have been back through Owasso several times over the years.
I would love to EMail correspond with any of the "Ole Gang" from the Owasso Class of "59".......especially Kenneth Spencer, Sharon Sherrill, Nancy Harris,...and any others so inclined. EMail.... jmanddj@aol.com
More gossip later,
Jerry Miller
Avionics / Electrical Engineer, MD Helicopters Inc.   8/02

Your page is marvelous!! Thanks for the "military" coverage.
Nov 2003 US Marine Corps Birthday Ball picture taken here in AZ. I am GySgt. Jerry Miller, Retired, (US Marine Corps 1959-79). The lovely lady is (former US Navy WAVE) Doris Elaine Justice Miller. We met at HQMC Flight Section, Naval Air Facility, Andrews Air Force Base, in Washington, DC. We have been married for 40+ years and we are now retired and living in AZ.   1/04

Virginia "Ginger" Moore-Buffalo Lamer, Class of 1959
United States Marine Corps

[Owasso, OK] / currently Manager of Owasso H&R Block, retired Homeland, US Marine Corps
  RIP 2021

Charles Morris, Class of 1989
United States Air Force

cwmorris23000@yahoo.com [Dover AFB, DE]
MSgt, USAF; MXS Production Supervisor. In the Air Force since 1991. Wife, Ana and 2 children: CJ and Briana   2/09

Michael Mudd, Class of 1967
United States Air Force

mmudd@sbcglobal.net [Owasso, OK]
Currently: Transmitter Supervisor, KJRH-TV
Military Service: 1969-1976, U S Air Force, Staff Sgt.  2/08

Steve Mudd, Class of 1967
United States Air Force

slmudd@cs.com [Longmont, CO]
Veteran: USAF, Active Duty: August 1967 through March 1971   6/08

William (Bill) A. Mundt, Class of 1983
United States Air Force

william.mundt@rs.af.mil, Network Security Manager at San Antonio, TX  5/03

David Murray, Class of 1994
Army National Guard

david.francis.murray@us.army.mil / married with 2 boys, Adam and Jerimiah; living on Grand Lake working as a Sous Chef on the lake. Serving in the Army National Guard for 10 years now and currently deployed in Operation Noble Eagle 3 for a year.   8/03

Rhonda O'Banion-Rader, Class of 1981
United States Navy

cntry_nurse_62@yahoo.com [Wakita, OK]
Registered Nurse & own my own Legal Nurse Consulting Business. Also served in the Navy immediately after Graduation 1981. HM2 (rant/rate) served 6/10/1981-9/1/1991. Then college at Rogers State in Claremore.   4/06

Ronald L. Ogan, Class of 1972
United States Navy

Military Service: August '72 - July '78 USN
Attended US NAVY Nuclear Power School Bainbridge Maryland / Saratoga Springs New York. Duty Stations; Charleston S.C. Submarine Squadron 4, USS Enterprise CVAN/CVN 65. Honorable Discharge as an E-6 First Class Petty Officer.
PHOTOS: Big E at Cubi | Nuclear Power School | School Class   12/03
taken from an Escort Sub | at Alameda, CA | Liberty in PI | Nuclear Training Facility (at Ballston Spa, NY) | Our division patch for Reactor Dept. subic (that was our home away from home) | Subic Bay the Republic of the Phillipines (or "Disney Land West")   5/07

Randy Palmer, Class of 1988
United States Navy

Thanks so much for having this site up. I have been in contact with numerous friends because of your efforts. And thanks especially to all the Alumni who have served or still serve our Country. I am currently serving aboard USS COLE (DDG 67) as a Display Technician. My family (wife Tracie and son Tyler) and I recently visited Owasso and so much has changed since I graduated. Keep up the great work on the site. Bravo Zulu!!
FC2(SW) Palmer
Randy Palmer   6/04

Chad Patterson, Class of
United States Marine Corps

cajun2okie@hotmail.com; Sgt. In U.S. Marine Corps. Served in Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Africa, Cypress, Greece, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates and still going! Currently living in Jacksonville N.C. SEMPER FI !!!!!   6/07

Josef Patterson, Class of 1997
United States Marine Corps

jpatt020@hotmail.com [San Diego, CA] Enlisted in 1997, transitioned to officer in 2008. I have served in HMLA-369, HMT-303, as a physical training instructor at Officer Candidates School, as a Martial Arts Instructor Trainer, and as an Infantry Officer in the Darkhorse Battalion (3/5).   04/13

Eric Pearsall, Class of 1997
United States Air Force

epearsall@gmail.com   8/06

Billy J Pennington, Class of 1969
United States Army

lpen5@yahoo.com [Claremore, OK] / Veteran of the US Army from 1970-1972 and served in Germany.   8/02

Robert (Bob) Pennington, Class of 1965

rpennin5346@juno.com [Broken Arrow, OK] / Military Retired; currently a Computer Programmer

Andrew Peters, Class of 1992
United States Navy

Aloha! I'm still a Naval Flight Officer in the US Navy. I completed my second deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in March of 2006. I was a mission commander this time around which was very rewarding. Upon returning home, I accepted follow-on shore duty orders to remain here on Oahu until February, 2009. My latest assignment is as a Weapons and Tactics Instructor, training P-3C Orion aircrews on the finer points of Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW), Antisurface Warfare (SUW), and Surveillance (ISR). We take newly formed crews and hone their skills until they are fully combat ready and deployable. I also serve as the Strike Officer for our Wing. My beautiful wife Kimberly and I reside in Kailua, HI along with our children Paige (9) and Grant (5). Paige plays baseball and Grant is playing his first season of soccer. Both enjoy hiking, boogie boarding, snorkeling, and pretty much anything else related to the ocean. So far, we've visited the islands of Hawai'i and Maui. Both were absolutely incredible. If you find yourself in our little corner of the pool we call the Pacific, drop us a line or stop in for a visit. We'll be happy to show you around and keep you out of the tourist traps! Attached are pictures of my family at Maunawili Falls, Kimberly and myself at Molokini, and me in Iraq next to the remains of an Iraqi MIG-21 Fishbed. Mahalo Nui Loa to Snowhawk for the wonderful site. We truly appreciate all of the hard work you put into it! With Aloha,
LT Drew "Drizzle" Peters
Class of 1992   8/06

Alex Phillips, Class of 1995
United States Army

DSTEKNIQUES@aol.com [Ft. Eustis, VA]   3/02

David Pounds, Class of 1995
United States Army

DSTEKNIQUES@aol.com [Ft. Eustis, VA]   3/02

Roger (Pratt) Wehrenberg, Class of 1989
United States Air Force

snrmn70@gimail.af.mil [Iraq] / My wonderful career consists of a tour in vietnam. Just kidding. Really though, after basic training in San Antonio, TX (Lackland AFB) and tech school in Wichita Falls, TX (Sheppard AFB), I went to Abilene, TX (Dyess AFB). After spend a year and a half there they decided to close our unit down so they moved me to Frankfurt, GE (Rhein Main AB). I spent four wonderful years there, was able to do many things I wouldn't be able to do in the states. After my tour was over in Germany they moved me to Dover DE (Dover AFB). I spent another year and a half there and that is when I finished my active duty career in 1998. I guess I missed it a little so I joined the Air Force Reserves in 2001, I haven't had more fun in all my life. I have been to Germany a couple of more times and lucky me I am now deployed to Iraq helping fight the War on Terrorism for four and a half months.   12/05

Michael W. Reed, class of 1994
United States Navy / Japan


After 12 years overseas, I'm back in the Land of the Free. I'm teaching at a Post Boot Camp school in Great Lakes, Illinois. My daughter Lily is 5 and will be starting Kindergarten this fall, '07. I met my wife in Tulsa in 2000 and Lily was born in 2002. They are both great and have done well in keeping me happy. Here are pictures of myself and Lily: Lily | Lily and Dad   07/07
BM2(SW/AW) Michael W. Reed
Center for Surface Combat Systems

Mike Reed

Sgt. Zach Reilly, Class of 1997
United States Marine Corps

RacingFan8315@aol.com [Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC]
My name is Zach Reilly and I graduated from OHS in 1997. I joined the Marine Corps in 98 and have been here ever since. I have done 1 year in Japan and 2 years in 29 palms Cal. I am currently stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina. I am in direct support of operation Enduring Freedom at this time. I could be deploying soon but I would be thankful if you could add me to your website. If you have any questons feel free to contact me.
Thanks, Sgt Zach Reilly, USMC   1/03

John W Rice, TSgt, Class of 1985
United States Air Force

john.rice@barksdale.af.mil [Shreveport, LA]
Still serving In USAF. Entered in Nov 1986. Based at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport LA. Have been stationed here since 1994. Been to PI (87-89) and Korea (90-91). Numerous stateside bases. NCOIC, CALCM Support Element   10/06

Benjamin Roark, Class of 2000
United States Army

benjamin.roark@us.army.mil [O'ahu Island, HI]
I received a BS in Finance from OSU and was commissioned into the Army in spring 2004. I am currently stationed in Hawaii on the island of O'ahu and work as a Fire Support Officer for 1-21 INF at Schofield Barracks. My wife Aimee (Pride) works as a Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer for the Navy at Pearl Harbor. We have been married for two years.   5/06

David Roark, Class of 2005
United States Army

David Roark [Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan]/ US Army, 1-245th Airfield Management Element.   3/11

Steven M. Robb, Class of 1986
United States Marine Corps

sjrobb99@yahoo.com [Camp Pendleton, CA]
I'm currently a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps stationed at Camp Pendleton CA. I joined the Marine Corps while a senior at OHS and left for recruit training shortly after graduation. I've been in the Corps for 16 years now, just 4 more to go until I'm eligible to retire. I've been back to Owasso at least once a year since 86 and I'm delighted in the growth that Owasso has seen. I'm very much looking forward to returning to Owasso after all these years. My God, where has the time gone!   3/02

William Todd Roberts, Class of 1980
United States Air Force

afmastr24@yahoo.com / Peterson Air Force Base, CO
Hello to all, it�s been a long time, but sometimes seems like those high school days weren�t so long ago at all. I am currently a Master Sergeant in the Air Force stationed at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, and have now served 29 years. I have two daughters 22 and 18, both already have flown the coup and are on their own. I am currently engaged and this will most likely be my last assignment as I transition into military retirement in a couple of years or so. My military career has been a long and rewarding one, as I have served in 7 stateside, and 3 overseas locations, as well as deployed multiple times to forward locations in support of current middle-east operations most recently a small country called Qatar. I have served as an Aircraft Technician, a Weapons and Tactics Instructor, a Signal Voice Linguist (Russian), a Recruiter, and a Training Management Technician. Please feel free to contact me. Go Rams! Photo
William T. Roberts   8/09

Daniel Ross, Class of 1996
United States Marine Corps

daniel1@pa.net 6 years Avionics Technician on Helicopters in the United States Marine Corps (Sergeant). Currently Avionics Technician on jets in Mechanicsburg PA. Happily married to Jennifer and proud father of son Logan.

Jon Russell, Class of 1986
Oklahoma Air National Guard

jonrussell1@cox.net   2/06

Bobby J Rust, Class of 1971
United States Marine Corps

Retired, living in Florida.   9/10

Jimmie L Rust, OHS
United States Marine Corps

ldrust@cox.net   9/10

Larry D Rust, Class of 1971
United States Marine Corps

Retired, American Airlines, Inc, Buyer   9/10

Janos Sagi (John Eric Sagi), class of 1995
United States Navy

Janosericsagi@msn.com [Old Bridge, New Jersey]
I graduated from Owasso in 1995 and I was in the Us Navy. I wish that you could list me on the list of the Military. I did 4 years in Virginia beach. I served in Kosovo and I did one other cruise. I was stationed aboard the USS Nashville. I am currently out of the Navy and Living in Old Bridge, New Jersey. I met my wife in the Bahamas, a port visit after the whole Vieques ordeal (The bombing range in Puerto Rico). I hope that I can get listed on the Military Page of the OHS Alummni site. I got out as an E-5, I was an IC2. That is interior Communications Electrician. I am currently a member of IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) 456, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I have a wife an no children. Tell Everyone that I hope that they all email me. See-ya,
Janos sagi (John Eric Sagi)   8/02

James Sanders, Class of 1999
United States Army

Fort Sill, OK / Currently active US Army serving in Iraq. Married with 3 kids   3/09

Joseph Schraad, Class of 1983
United States Air Force

U.S Air Force (Retired), COO Oklahoma Allergy & Asthma Clinic
I would like to give special thanks to you and everyone else who has maintained this page. It is nice to read up on the happenings and reminisce. Again, thank you   4/07

Robert Seaver, class of 1985
United States Navy

I was in the Navy for almost 7 years. Attended boot camp in Orlando then on to Air Traffic Control training in Memphis TN. The commands I have been assigned to include U.S.S. Enterprise, U.S.S. Lexington, N.T.C. Orlando FL, and N.A.S. Beeville TX. I enjoyed my time in the military and would encourage anyone unsure of what to do after High School, to join and serve at least one term in any branch. robseaver@mac.com   8/08

MSG Michael L. Shouse, Class of 1986
United States Army

I have been in the military since graduation and am currently on my second tour in Iraq.   3/08

John Shumaker, Jr, Class of 2001
United States Army

john.shumaker@us.army.mil / I am stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and I am a computer technician for the Army with an Associates in Information Systems Technology.   10/03

Adam Skadas - Adam West, Class of 2000
United States Marine Corps

/ USMC Military Police   8/03

Andrew Soares, Class of 1988

Bigandygibb@yahoo.com [Tulsa, OK]
Insurance Agent / Military 7 years and attended OU

Matthew Stevens, Class of 1987
United States Navy

navychaplain@comcast.net [Newport News, VA]
Present Duties: Chaplain-USS GEORGE HW BUSH (CVN 77)   04/08

Carol Stewart-Rodgers, Class of 1988
United States Army

tcrodgers@earthlink.net [Gastonia, NC]
I completed my ROTC training at Clemson University, SC along with my BSN. I completed officer basic training at Fort Sam Houston, TX and Fort Lewis, WA with additional training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I served as an Army Nurse between 1992-1996 at Fort Benning, Georgia - (Home of the Rangers!!) and finished my obligation in the inactive reserves as a Captain in 2000. I am from a military family and was proud to serve my country at the end of Desert Storm and through Desert Shield. I learned a lot as an Army nurse and stayed at Fort Benning for an additional year as a civilian after my active duty service. I am now a nurse practitioner in Gastonia, NC and have a wonderful husband and two boys. We pray daily for the active duty service members and their loved ones - as it takes dedication from both parties to help this nation remain strong.
"who-ah"   09/06

Dennis Tate, Class of 1997
United States Army

taterstott@aol.com / PFC with the 272nd MP Company [Mannheim, Germany]   8/03

Virgil Taylor, Class of 1991
United States Army

Virgil Taylor [Stillwater, OK]
My military experience began in March of 1996 when I enlisted in the Army and attended Basic Training at Ft. Sill, OK. Upon graduation from AIT in July of that year I entered active duty as a Quatermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer (63J) and was stationed with HHC 2/327 Inf as a part of the 101st Airborne Div. at Ft. Campbell, KY. After a year at Ft. Campbell I was reassigned HHC 44th Engineers (Combat) as part of the 2nd Infantry Div. on Camp Howze, Korea. Upon returning to the U.S. I was assigned to B Co, 10th Foward Support Battalion at Ft. Drum, NY in support of the 10th Mountain Division. While serving with the 10th Mountain, I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant (E-5) in March of 2000. After 2 years at Ft. Drum I was transferred to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and assigned to the 588th Maintenance Battalion in support of 3rd Corps Artillery. I left the military in November of 2002 and came back to Stillwater to finish out my Electrical Engineering degree at Oklahoma State University. Dec 2005 grad, BA, and now working as an Electrical Engineer in Stillwater. I am married to Stephanie (Fassett), OHS Class of 1989, and we have 9 children.   7/08

Zach Terry, Class of 1996
United States Air Force

terryz@mid.midco.net [Minot, ND] / UH-1N Pilot / US Air Force   11/03

SK3 Cassandra Tidwell, Class of 2001
United States Navy

Cass Tidwell
Honorable Discharge.   8/08

Lana Tomich-Rakes, Class of 1994
United States Air Force / Japan

Hi, this is Lana Tomich-Rakes from the Class of 1994, my e-mail and location have updated. My e-mail is lana.rakes@kadena.af.mil and I am stationed at Kadena Air Force Base, Japan.   12/01

Jeremy Weber, Captain/USMC, Class of 1999
United States Marine Corps

jeremyweber01@gmail.com [Owasso, OK] / Initially Enlisted as an AV8B Harrier airframes mechanic following OHS graduation in 1999. After deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq in support of OIF and OEF, Sgt Weber served as an "A" School Instructor while stationed at NAS Pensacola, FL. It was during this time that he would earn his Bachelor's from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, graduating Summa Cum Laude. In 2008, SSgt Weber was accepted to Marine Officer Candidate School in Quantico, VA.
After earning his commssion, 2ndLt Weber reported back to NAS Pensacola, FL to earn his wings of gold as a Marine Naval Aviator. After many years of flight training, he qualified as an AH-1W Supercobra pilot.
Captain Weber was medically retired on Jan 01, 2015. He returned to and presently resides in Owasso with his family and loved ones. Semper Fidelis   8/16

Brandon Wells, PFC/USMC, Class of 2001
United States Marine Corps

redmen2006@hotmail.com [Beaufor, SC] / stationed with Marine Air Group 31 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense Section.
Brandon Wells

John West, Class of 2000
United States Marine Corps

espritdrummer@aol.com [Washington, DC]
I graduated highschool in 2000 and went straight into the United States Marine Corps. I currently serve with the "Commandants Own" United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps at Marine Barraks 8th & I. I am on my second enlistment and plan to make a career out of the Marine Corps. My rank is Sergeant waiting to pin on Staff Sergeant 2006. I got married to Theresa Stanfield (West) in 2001, and are happily married for four years now. I curently live in Washington DC.   (4/05)
John West John West

Alex Westfall, Class of 1989
United States Air Force

I joined the AF upon graduation in 1989. Shortly thereafter I married class of 89 alumnus Lori Aurand. We have been married for 18 years and together we have four children ages 16 (girl), 14 (girl), 12 (boy), and 8 (girl). We have been stationed in Nebraska (90-94), New Mexico (94-95), Okinawa (95-99), Texas (99-02), England (02-08), and we currently reside in Florida. We would love to hear from people we knew back in our high school days.

MSgt John A. Westfall, 1 SOMDG/SGNE   09/08

Mike Willey, Class of 1983
United States Navy

Served in the US Navy from 85-99. Now living in Modesto, CA   2/04

Scott Wilson, Class of 1994
United States Navy / Pearl Harbor

spazem4@hotmail.com [Honolulu, HI]
US Navy, Pearl Harbor

Billy Wollenberg, Class of 1978
United States Army

billandkelly2@hotmail.com / Retired Army, DOD Civilian [San Antonio, TX]   2/07

Tina Wright-McCafferty, Class of 1983
Oklahoma Air National Guard, United States Air Force

tmccafferty@atlasok.com [Claremore, OK]
Has been active duty in the US Air Force; now active duty in the Oklahoma Air National Guard.   6/05

Ernie Yarbrough, Class of 1967
United States Navy 1967-1971, Vietnam Era Veteran

EY44@aol.com [Atlanta, GA]
Director of a fast pitch softball training center & NCAA Basketball Referee
Website: southernaces.com   3/02

Joe Zabienski, Class of 2003
United States Army

joseph.zabienski@us.army.mil [Denver, CO]

contact Snowi
"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy course; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat." - Theodore Roosevelt, 1910
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