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Why Snowhawk? Well, while driving around, after just returning from the Gulf Coast, I saw my first Red-tail Hawk a few seconds before Oklahoma's first snowfall of the year. That same day I began my e-journey on the Internet... That was the autumn of 1995. I'm still Web surfing with just as much enthusiastic curiosity.

Yes, I am another seeker. :) It's my escape into another world, out of stagnant, mundane existence. If you scan my directory links, you'll find I am definitely "in search of". My primary function here is to provide some help / hope / happiness / or maybe just a smile, B] for anyone else in search of... You never know, we might even delete some boredom. (Plus, I needed someplace to store all these eclectics.)

You can find everything you have always wanted to know on the Internet. (Even the answer to the riddle about the 3rd word ending in " gry" :) Web browsing can take you on an adventurous trip to anywhere in the universe. There are sites spanning through the latest in technology to humor and even things "far out" (way out there! B)

All you have to do is decide where to go first.

(What did people do before computers?)
TV? ... with NO Cable?
Heavens ta Murgatroid, Even!...
Oh yes, and they were walking for days
through 35 feet of snow to get to school... <grin>

Buffalo in the Snow

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