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Letters from Africa           
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Morning Oct 30, 2007
Dear Dad, Judi, and Chip,
We have awakened to a beautiful day. It has been hard for us to adjust..can't seem to sleep when we should however I am doing better as I slept well last night.
The trip was fairly easy except when we carried all the hand luggage thru the airport. I am glad we brought everything but I don't think I will do that again. Coming home will be easier as I plan to check the one piece I'm bringing back and just carry my computer.
We arrived at 7:30 and left the airport at almost 9:00. Lucy and Lydia were waiting for us. They were so happy to see us. When we got to Lucy's house, we had to eat and you know how they feed you on the plane...we were not hungry but had to eat something. They are very nice to us.

Friday there was a fellowship at the church..a small group. I taught a little lesson. The people are really growing in the Lord. I can see a big difference on the faces. Lucy has done a great job. And she works all the time. She leaves early in the morning and is gone a long time. We are expecting her to return home today at 1pm. Lydia comes for us today to take us to lunch.

Sunday was an excellent service...quite different ..the church was full. I don't really know how many were there but all the chairs flled with the exception of the 20 new ones that Nancy brought money to buy. They were stacked and presented to the church.
There is a couple in the church who have gotten married three weeks ago thru the civil court that wanted to have a ceremony thru the church..no one knew they were legally married as they had not lived with each other yet, except Lucy and she asked me to teach and then perform the ceremony. She wanted it to be a surprise to the people.
After the sermon,I told them how Dad and I went to the pastor's study and were married and it had lasted for over 40 years with 4 kids and 5 grandkids then I said I want to do a demonstration.
I looked over the congregation and picked out the bride then looked for a young man, the groom. Everyone was shocked that I could pickout this particular couple who were friends. Then as I went thru the ceremony, you could hear them all snickers and laugh because it was so funny that I would ask them to agree to the vows. Then when I told him he could kiss the bride someone was heard to say,"He's kissing her and they aren't even married." When they realized this was for real, they began to sing and dance...it was a happy ocassion.
The young people were especially happy as they can now see a way to get married without having to go into debt for a big wedding which is the custom here.
Also, Sunday I dedicated 6 babies and toddlers. All in all it was good.

Monday I went to a big primary school and taught for 1 and 1/2 hours. The kids are so well behaved here and the classes are much over loaded according to our standards. This class had 47 kids and we have 22. The school has over 1700 kids. It is a very big school.
I spent a couple of hours talking with the principal and deputy(assistant principal) The deputy is a spirit filled Christian so we had a great conversation. The princial is a Christian but am not sure if he is spirit filled.
Later we met with the minister from Bungoma and with him were 3 other pastors of bishops(?).I am struggling to know if we should go there or not. There are some things I do not like, they have planned for us to stay a week in Bungoma and one week in Mombossa. I am praying about this trip. I told Lydia that I would not go unless she goes with me. We along with Simon, Beatrice, Lydia, and Lucy will be praying for the perfect will of God about this trip.
I am taking very seriously the messages I received from the pastors in Belton. I do not want to be caught in the devils trap nor in witchcraft nor by enemies posing as friends.
Keep a copy of your "Walk the Line" sermons as I will want a copy of them. I'm sure glad you started preaching!!!!!
Lydia picked us up at 2:00 and we went to the Village Market Resturant ..not the same one I emailed you from yesterday. I hope you received it.
We will be with Simon this weekend.
Hug Gabriel and Vincent for me and tell them I love them.
Today is Tuesday..I will send this as soon as possible. I will try to send pictures..I am sorry that I cannot do it right.
I love all of you,
Mama Weast
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