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Letters from Africa           
by Dr. Ann Weast           

Tuesday May 3, 2011

9:30 am

We are sitting here in Amsterdam waiting for the flight to Nairobi. The night went fairly well. The longest leg of the journey is still ahead.... just been told it is a little shorter.

Ruth, just want to tell you that they confiscated the peanut butter...seems the container was to large to carry on. Wish I had know that...I would have put it in the checked bag.

It was raining when we arrived in Nairobi. The plane was early so the Bishop was not here to meet us. We waited about 30 minutes. Since Lydia was not here to pick up the clothes for the orphanage, we had a problem with transporting all the luggage There were 2 duffle bags and a big suitcase for her. We were finally able to get it all in the Bishop's vehicle. By us holding luggage on our laps, we finally made it home.

Jet lag got us today, I did not sleep last night...finally went to sleep from 6am to 9am.

I got up and had a good conversation with Bishop and Sis Beatrice. Rebecca got up at 3pm and Gabe got up at 4pm. As usual we have had so much food and drink.

We had a home fellowship last night. I gave a small lesson. Then we were served a meal. There was a new baby in the home and Becky really enjoyed holding him. She really loves children. She is doing great feeling right in place. Everyone who has met her already love her. She gave a testimony and then prayed at the meeting. Sunday she will be with the Sunday School children at Bishop' church. I am not sure where or what I will be doing.

Lydia came today to get the clothes for the boys. There is a shortage of fuel so that was why she did not come to the airport...no fuel. Hopefully it will get better because we are planning to go to Nairobi tomorrow to exchange money.

She and Bishop will be planning my schedule....I ask not to be scheluded as much as before as I still do not have my strength all back. Within a few weeks I expect to back in full force.

About Gabriel..everyone has been so surprised as how tall he is. They have seen a great change in him They say he has really matured. He and Becky are doing great together.

with love until later,
Dr. Ann Weast, Rebecca, and Gabriel

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