The Tree


Strange... I had never thought of myself as being "radical" -- but that's what he called me...
I was riding along happily singing until I saw him walking towards "the tree" with a chainsaw. I knew that giant tree must have been a thousand years old (probably 100 - when you're a kid, everything big is a thousand years old.) It was rich with all the history of the land, having survived hurricanes, storms, and up to this point, humans. It was the only tree in that 5 acre lot. There was no way I could just ride on by and let him destroy it.

I told him of all the times I'd climbed that tree and been saved from "enemies". Didn't he notice that all the kids in the neighborhood, including his 3, and by the way... did they know his plans? We always gathered at the tree for making important decisions, like choosing team players. Did he know how many birds were raising their families up there? Didn't he see the squirrels' home there in the big hole created from lightning, which by the way hadn't succeeded in killing the tree? Yes, I knew it was "his" property, and he had the legal "right" to do with it as he wanted; but how in thunderation could he think of murdering such a glorious monument of nature?

Well, maybe I did ride off with him still telling me I was an "intruding, busy-body radical"; but the tree is still there today in all it's majestic beauty. If I accomplish nothing else in life, I know I did one good thing. It may be small in the eyes of most; but it was important for me, and that giant tree.

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