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Favorites Sent In

Contributed by Becky from Sulphur, Louisiana:
  D.S. Perkins Elementary School--(Sulphur, Louisiana)
  MardiG.Raccoon-Louisiana's Greatest Family Attractions
  Groundhog Day
Contributed by Greg from Sulphur, Louisiana:
  Louisiana History Teachers OnLine--(8th grade)
  Oak Park Middle School
Contributed by Don from New Orleans, Louisiana:
  Museum of Paleontology
Contributed by Jim from Lake Charles, Louisiana:
  Infection Detection Protection--(Am Museum of Natural History)
Contributed by Cindy from Lake Charles, Louisiana:
  Kentucky Horse Park & Intl Museum of the Horse
  How to Love Your Dog
Contributed by Mary from Baton Rouge, Louisiana:
  Howler Monkeys--(National Geographic)

  Mustang UpClose--(Katherine and Wind Dancer)
  Topher's Castle - A Great Site for Kids!
Contributed by Mary from Louisiana:

Contributed by Jodie from Texas:
  Univ. KY Dept of Entomology -- Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs)
Contributed by Kathy from Texas:
  Institute of American Indian Studies, Univ. S.Dakota
Contributed by Dane from Abilene, Texas:
  Word Searches

Contributed by Meagan from Dallas, Texas:
  The Lion King WWW Archive
Contributed by Sean from Houston, Texas:
Contributed by Heather from Houston, Texas:
  Countries of the World
Contributed by Ryan from Juneau, Alaska:
  Alaska Iditarod
  The Salmon Story
Contributed by Mike from Flagstaff, Arizona:
  The Band-Aid Story
Contributed by John from Tucson, Arizona:
  Spider-Man in Amazing Adventures
Contributed by Taylor from San Bernardino, California:
  Wolf Gallery--(with screensavers & wallpaper)
Contributed by Meagan from California:
  Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit
Contributed by Angie from California:
Contributed by Jennifer from Canada:
  Billy Bear's on Holidays
Contributed by Heather from Vancouver, Canada:
  Lulu's games--(in english or française)
Contributed by Jason from Denmark:
  Universal Studios Just for Kids
  Helping Your Child Learn History
Contributed by Heidi from London, England:
  Fox Kids Online
Contributed by John from Orlando, Florida:
  Tiger Beetles of Florida
  Florida Indians
  Headbone Scratchers - Word Trivia Game
Contributed by Mindy from Frankfurt, Germany:
  Flight Into a Hurricane
Contributed by Stephen from Mainz, Germany:
Contributed by Christy from Aurora, Illinois:
  PBS Kids
Contributed by Linda from Dixon, Illinois:
  Dora the Explorer and
  Blue's Clues

Contributed by Chris from Fort Wayne, Indiana:
  Dinosaurs of Ancient Queensland
Contributed by Linsey from Iowa:
  Yahooligans! TV Cartoons
Contributed by Doug from Dublin, Ireland:
  ArchNet - Archaeology
  Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Contributed by Jimmy from Lawrence, Kansas:
  Horse Fun
Contributed by Travis from Wichita, Kansas:
  US Submarines
Contributed by Ann from Brownsville, Kentucky:
  Boston Terrier Photo of the Week
  Boston Terrier Rescue
Contributed by Tyler from Louisville, Kentucky:
  GeoNet Games
Contributed by Heather from Michigan:
  Create Art
Contributed by Richard from Ann Arbor, Michigan:
  All About Christmas
Contributed by Robert from Warren, Michigan:
Contributed by Devin from Minneapolis, Minnesota:
  Weather Dude
Contributed by Craig from Jacksonville, Mississippi:
  Word Games & Puzzels
Contributed by Heather from St. Louis, Missouri:
  Kids' Habitat--(San Diego Natural History Museum)
Contributed by Wayne from Missouri:
  Puzzle Connection
Contributed by Rosie from Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada:
  Work Find

Contributed by Cindi from Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada:
  Strange Matter Exhibit
Contributed by Keith from Las Vegas, Nevada:
  Las Vegas DOES Get Snow
Contributed by Steve from Patterson, New Jersey:
  Games Central | PBS Kids
Contributed by Brian from Brooklyn, New York:
  Map Machine
Contributed by Mary from New York City, New York:
  Central Park
  New York Nature
Contributed by Alyssa from New York City, New York:
  Kids Room - NYS Dept of State
Contributed by Ethan from Sleepy Hollow, New York:
  Students' Work -Pocantico Hills School
Contributed by Jackie from New Zealand:
  Great Sites
Contributed by Marilyn from Lima, Ohio:
  Chinese Calligraphy
  Webster's Word Game
Contributed by Kathy from Owasso, Oklahoma:
  Explore Math & Science
Contributed by Courtney from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:
  Submarine World
  Terminator 3
Contributed by Alicia from Tulsa, Oklahoma:
  American Indian Culture
Contributed by Justin from Tulsa, Oklahoma:
Contributed by Mike from Tulsa, Oklahoma:
  Holograms and Lasers
Contributed by Morgan from Tulsa, Oklahoma:
  Ask Dr Math
  All about Earthworms
Contributed by Vicki from Tulsa, Oklahoma:
  Clifford The Big Red Dog
  Fairy Tales & Stories: Hans Christian Andersen
Contributed by Zac from Oregon:
  Circus Web
Contributed by RJ from Pennsylvania:
  Student Activities
Contributed by Hans from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
  Dogs and Kids
Contributed by Bret from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
  Historic Philadelphia Virtual Tour
  Kids page at Valley Forge
Contributed by Cathy from Alexandria, Virginia:
Contributed by Danielle from West Virginia:
  Butterflies & Butterfly Gardening in West Virginia
Contributed by Iam from Appleton, Wisconsin:
  Amimal Planet: Games
Contributed by John:
  Superbowl History - Football
Contributed by Jenny:
  History and Parts of the Submarine
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