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Clarkstown High
Clarkstown High School Class of 1958

Greetings! Welcome to New City, New York's Clarkstown High School Class of 1958 alumni!

REUNION Cruise, 2008 and Photos!
Las Vegas Club Reunion - September 15, 2003

If you would like to be listed with your e-mail address and Website on the alumni directory, contact . Also if you have any information, newspapers from "our days" and/or photos appropriate for this site please send them to Rosie. (All originals will be returned... "promise")

"Our Towers" have been completed here at Clarkstown, and for the past four years we have built the foundation of our lives. These have been years of growth intellectually, physically, morally, and socially.
Our architects have been our administratiors, our parents, and our teachers. Through them we have added a step in our stairway to the future. Although the years will separate us, we will always remember and cherish the advancement made here.
This is the saga of Clarkstown, in which is recorded the events of our ever-growing lives. The memories of the four years we have spent together, portraying us as we have been, and as we are, will be remembered with many pleasant recollections. We have reached the pinnacle in the towers, but we will advance beyond this as we reluctantly leave.

Saga for 1958 was published by
the Senior Class of the
Clarkstown Junior-Senior High School
New City, New York

Mr. Richard DeForest


Because of your boundless efforts in our behalf and your willingness to guide us, you have been a key to the golden door that opens into the future, focusing the light of education into a beacon for us to follow. Your wise understanding and counselling have helped us chart our course for the years ahead.
You have handed us the torch of inspiration. May we keep it ever alight!
We, the class of 1958, are proud to dedicate this our Saga to you, Mr. Richard DeForest.

Miss Ellen Clark


It is with great pride that we, the Class of 1958, make this special tribute. To you, Miss Clark, we express the heartfelt thanks for ourselves and for all those who have come before us.
From your vast treasury, you have shared with us knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and devotion, and we are greateful. From the portal at which you now stand may you look backward with pride and look forward with anticipation of the fulfillment of all your visions. Just as your teachings and the memory of your friendship will accompany us wherever we go, so our hearts will go with you, wherever you go.

Clarkstown High School Class of 1958
1958 Highlights

Our Queen:   Barbara Strandberg
Our King:   Daniel Bittman

Our Senior Play:   "Kiss and Tell"
Sports Events:
SOCCER TEAM won our 25th Soccer Championship!!
1957 BASEBALL TEAM took 2nd Place!
WRESTLING TEAM won 2nd place in the County!
BOWLING SQUAD won 2nd place in the County!
1957 GOLF Championship!
   Janice Paxton, Margie Eagan
   Pat McGrath, Tony Kerr
   Carol Gildersleeve, Ruth Kepler
   Kathy Rickli, Joan Fibble
   Hope Bickmore, Maureen Seery


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Clarkstown High School, Class of 1958, New City, New York

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