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Go Rams! - Owasso, Oklahoma

Rams Basketball
  Dec 05   Edmond Memorial V/G   Home, 6:30pm
  Dec 05   Edmond Memorial V/B   Home, 8pm
  Dec 12   Union V/G   Home, 6:30pm
  Dec 12   Union V/B   Home, 8pm
  Dec 18   Jenks V/G   Home, 5pm
  Dec 19   Putnam City V/G   Away, 6:30pm
  Dec 19   Putnam City V/B   Away, 8pm
  Jan 08   Broken Arrow V/G   Away, 6:30pm
  Jan 09   Broken Arrow Dual V/G   Home, 6pm
  Jan 09   Bartlesville V/G   Home 6:30pm
  Jan 09   Bartlesville V/B   Home, 8pm
  Jan 12   US Grant V/G   Away, 6:30pm
  Jan 12   US Grant V/B   Away, 8pm
  Jan 16   Enid V/G   Home, 6:30pm
  Jan 16   Enid V/B   Away, 8pm
  Jan 22   Lincoln Christian V/G   Home, 5pm
  Jan 26   Sand Springs V/G   Away, 6:30pm
  Jan 26   Sand Springs V/B   Away, 8pm
  Jan 29   Ponca City V/G   Home, 5pm
  Jan 30   Edmond Memorial V/B   Away, 6:30pm
  Jan 30   Edmond Memorial V/B   Away, 8pm
  Feb 02   Union V/G   Away, 6:30pm
  Feb 02   Union V/B   Away, 8pm
  Feb 06   Putnam City V/G   Home, 6:30pm
  Feb 06   Putnam City V/B   Home, 8pm
  Feb 08   Bishop Kelly V/G   Home, 5pm
  Feb 09   Bartlesville V/G   Away, 6:30pm
  Feb 09   Bartlesville V/B   Away, 8pm
  Feb 13   US Grant V/G   Home, 6:30pm
  Feb 13   US Grant V/B   Home, 8pm


Rams Wrestling
  Dec 05   Skiatook V/B   Home, 6pm
  Dec 07   Perry V/B   Away, 6pm
  Dec 08   Perry Tour-09nament V/B   Away, 10am
  Dec 14   Stillwater V/B   Away, 6pm
  Dec 15-16   Southern OK Invitational V/B   Away, 10am
  Dec 18   Broken Arrow V/B   Home, 6pm
  Jan 02   Edmond North V/B   Home, 6pm
  Jan 02   Edmond North Dual V/G   Home, 6pm
  Jan 06   Jenks Tournament V/B   Away, 10am
  Jan 09   Berryhill V/B   Home, 6pm
  Jan 09   Broken Arrow Dual V/G   Home, 6pm
  Jan 11   District Dual V/B   Away, 4pm
  Jan 12-13   Sand Springs Tournament V/B   Away 10am
  Jan 19-20   Ram Duals V/B   Home, 10am
  Jan 23   Ponca City V/B   Away, 6pm
  Jan 30   Bixby V/B   Away, 6pm
  Feb 01   Sperry V/B   Away, 6pm
  Feb 03   Glenpool Tournament V/B   Away, 10am


Go Rams! - Owasso, Oklahoma

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Go Rams! - Owasso, Oklahoma

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