Main Street, Collinsville, Oklahoma

Collinsville, celebrating its 100th birthday in 1999, was selected for the 2000 Oklahoma Main Street program.

Oklahoma Main Street is a revitalization program providing communities with the means to improve their historic business district areas.
Volunteers are still needed. One of the best ways to meet new people is to work in a fun and worthwhile effort. Everyone is invited to attend the meetings:
    Board meetings - Contact us for schedules.
    Committee meetings - The committe meetings vary. Please contact the office for a schedule.
These are all open meetings, and you are invited to come be part of this revitalization process. It takes a village's people to save a village.
Collinsville Downtown, Inc. - local office for the Main Street Program
      821 W Main Street
      PO Box 91
      Collinsville, OK 74021-0091
      Office: (918) 371-5530

The state provides professional architects and engineers to advise local leaders as they work with downtown building owners restoring the properties to their original look from the turn of the last century.

This program is important to Collinsville because Main Street is the heart of Collinsville's activity. There are no outlying shopping centers. People want the original look these days; therefore, the more help to Main Street, the better for the community.

About 35 of the buildings in the 20 block program are excellent examples of prairie commercial architecture. Some of the 80-plus year old building fronts were slightly altered, but none drastically, which will make restoration relatively easy.

There is strong resident support for Collinsville's school and municipal capital improvement, new subdivisions with over 200 new homes, industrial park development, and business expansion along Main Street.

Three or four blocks of downtown Collinsville could be eligible for the National Registry since they were an integral part of Collinsville's being an important part of the development of Green Country Oklahoma.

For more information about the Main Street Program, please contact Collinsville Downtown, Inc.

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